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Laser Hardening of Helical Gear

I need assistance in simulation creation.I need the formula which is to be inserted in the boundary conditions…Please Help
Here’s the link

Hi @pratikwalimbe,

could you give us more information of what you want to achieve? Simply putting an arbitrary formula into the BC won’t help much. Do you have a specific wish/guideline of how the BC has to be set up?

That would make it easier for us to understand the problem you are dealing with.



I want to the laser beam to move along the flank of the gear .Then in the post processor i need the thermal field to see the hardening depth

Hey @pratikwalimbe!

So I just finished simulating and post-processing the results. You can find the project here:

All the description of the used formula can be found under project description.

Below is the figure taken in local Paraview in which slice and plot over line filters were used in order to get temperature plot so that the depth of laser can be measured. The red highlighted coordinates are of middle point which are also used to make a slice.

A less steep descent of temperature after 0.0015 shows that the total depth can be considered as 1.5 mm.

I hope this simulation will help you carry out further analysis in SimScale.

If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



Awesome work @ahmedhussain18! The Robin Hood of SimScale :smiley:


Hello @ahmedhussain18!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help which you have extended towards my project.I will use this and make some modification to suit my requirement and will let you know the updates on the same.