Large Contact Penetration

I’m trying to simulate contact between a rigid and fairly soft body, but I keep seeing excessive penetration in the results. I’ve tried to work with the solution settings, time steps and contact stiffness but nothing has worked so far.

As seen by the figure below, the contact algorithm is detecting some contact, but the condition is not being enforced sufficiently.

Does anyone have any good ideas for how to proceed?

Hi @aforrest ,

Thanks for posting your question!
Sorry for the delay, took more time than expected. As the displacement will be large, it must be necessary to consider the elasto-plastic material modeling instead of linear elastic. For that, multilinear approach is required to predict the correct material behavior.
In this case, I switched from the Silicon material to Aluminum, once that is the material hardening curve that I have in hand to upload, but if you have the hardening curve for Silicon, just replace it in the multilinear modeling, as simple as that.
Please take a look at the video below, where you find the solution for the simulation, and also feel free to make a copy of that and then do your own improvements :slight_smile: