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Knee Prosthesis - Contact with friction

Can anyone please help me out here I am trying to do analysis of knee prosthetics but facing some problems inn setting up simulation :slight_smile:
For Reference Lets say Blue body as X and White as Y,

  1. I wanted to define friction in between them
    Value of coefficient of friction=0.13
    2)Y is fixed, Vetical downward force varing from 600 to 5000 is applied on X.

But I am getting this error

Hi @ojagtap!

You have to change the parameters as depicted in the picture. You want to use a friction coefficient when the global setting says that friction is off. Please also switch from Augmented Lagrange to the Penalty Method as well as Fixed Point Method for nonlinearity resolution (for example if you choose Friction Penalty Contact). The message should not appear again :slight_smile:

All the best!