Keep getting errors when trying to create flow volume

When I try to create flow volume it says that there is interference. When I check for interference, is says there is none.

Hello @Raidermase82 , thanks for posting this. Just to be on the same page, I assume you want to create only an internal flow domain inside the pipes, is that correct?

If so, here are my recommendations:
-You don’t need sheet bodies near the openings, usually internal flow volume operation should work just fine in such cases. You can use delete body operation to delete bodies 67,68,69 and 70.
-There is one face in the geometry that the internal flow volume operation doesn’t very like though as pointed in ss below:

-The problem is not very clear however, going back to your own CAD software and reconstructing this face,may solve the issue.
-A workaround in the platform is clipping this end of the pipes by using the split command. I split the geometry in y=0.041 m position (keep the orientation of the split plane in y=+1) and deleted the clipped solid parts at the end.
-Then please generate the internal flow volume with 1 seed face inside and 4 ring shaped boundary faces at the openings.

-After deleting the parts other than flow region by using Delete Body operation, resulting internal flow domain should look like:

Hope these are helpful,


That worked great, thank you.

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