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Jet Engine Simulation

The Jet engine functions in a really interesting way, my question is, how to know the propulsion created by the jet engine. I know it is easy to simulate the flow inside the Jet engine, but there is a compartiment were the combustion occurs, is it possible to simulate all of the process including the combustion?

Hi @pgalamba!

Jet engine propulsion works on the principles of Newton’s third law of motion where every action has an equal or opposite reaction. In this case in order to ensure the engine attached to the aircraft is moving forward, you need to have a counter force to move in the opposite direction which in this case is the “combusted air” exiting the engine through the exhaust. There so many more intricate details like cold exhaust and different types of combustion chambers etc that makes the modern jet engine so interesting.

In the area of combustion, to simplify it fuel and air is combusted which causes a rapid expansion of air that then exits the exhaust to generate thrust. A quick google search would contain many great pages, articles and documents on this.

This is a little more complicated as you have so many moving components to simulate an entire jet engine. So I would assume the only conceivable way to do so would be to simulate the individual sections of the engine, inlet duct, fan, compressor, diffuser and then save each of those data points before inputting that into the combustion chamber to generate further data. Simulation of just the combustion portion is totally viable and has been done, in fact some of my fellow coursemates are performing such analysis as for their projects, albeit for a smaller engine.

Hope this helps and if you’re planning to run a simulation on a combustion chamber that would be pretty cool!


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Cheers @Get_Barried, totally agree with simulating each stage individually.

I just wanted to add that combustion simulation isn’t currently available in SimScale, I think this feature deserves a ‘vote for features’ post, would you mind starting one detailing your requirements @pgalamba?


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