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Issue converting fluent mesh to openfoam to upload in Simscale

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am working on a project to simulate CFD flow on a propeller for mars atmosphere conditions. Initially I created a simulation in Simscale but due to the really really high cell number in mesh (21M cells) I could not find a way to simplify the simulation in Simscale. So instead I created a mesh in Ansys fluent and I am trying to upload the mesh in SimScale by converting it using open foam. I have had really hard time understanding open foam and trying to convert the ascii mesh into open foam readable format but I just can not get it right.
If someone has open foam in their system, can you convert the mesh and provide me with the “constant” folder that we need to upload in SimScale meshing? I am sharing the link to the fluent.msh file below. I will be really grateful if someone can convert and provide me with constant folder. It has been impossible for me to do this without help.


Thank you so very much!!
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Hi Akash!

So I assume you have used “fluentMeshToFoam”? Please note that this mesh uploading capability will soon be phased out just to inform you beforehand.

Have you tried building the mesh inside of SimScale already or what is preventing you from doing so?