Isolated View of each component

I have three components in my mesh and I want to study stress in each of them. How do I isolate it

Download the results and load them in ‘Paraview’ which is an open-source software. You can use ‘slice’/‘clip’ and ‘transform’ filters to separate them nicely.



I know,but If I have complex geometry then these steps will be tiresome. Is there any other easy way

Hi @swa,

Unfortunately there is no “magic button” to do post processing simply because of the amount of data that can be extracted from any given simulation.

Post processing from Paraview is by far the “easiest” way.



I too miss some functionality to toggle visibility of mesh components, simple checkbox list to display or hide components I need.
Download entire simulation results package into ParaView, specify several filters, several times a day just for the sake of being able to see part of component that is being hidden by another component, isn’t that comfortable.

Thanks a ton for your feedback @Pavol_Kianicka! I will forward your ideas to our UX Manager @StevenGu.

Cheers and all the best!