Iso Volume Min-Max bug

When, in post processing, under the new beta site, we try to create an iso volume to display a Passive Scalar. The min/max sliders usually vanish when we change the source (like to Passive Scalar.) This doesn’t happen in the old post processing site, but it has other (serious issues) – like the model disappearing. Overall, it’s extremely hit and miss and we are usually UNABLE to visualize the scalar. This is rather critical to our (timely) project and we have no work around.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, this is Fillia from SimScale Support!
This issue has been reported and is currently being investigated by our team. What you can do instead, is to use the old post-processor, so could you give me more details about the disappearance issue? It would also be really helpful if you provided a link to your project!
Best regards,

Hey @NobleLizard, any updates on this? :slight_smile:Cheers!

Hi again, the isovolume issue is now resolved, cheers!