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Is it possible (CHT) to use outlet BCs as the inlet BCs on another sim?


Hi there,

I am wondering which approach I should take to solving the problem I am having. I want to investigate cooling battery modules in an electric vehicle, where the modules are in an enclosure, similar to as shown in the image below.


I am modelling the entire drivetrain of the vehicle, so there will be a motor before and after the battery pack. I have since found out that, trying to use conjugate heat transfer, I cannot simply stick a motor before and after the battery pack with a fluid flow going through all components due to an issue with simulating internal/external flows at the same time. So, could I simulate the flow through each compartment separately (front motor, battery pack, then rear motor) and use pressure outlet conditions from the front motor compartment as the velocity inlet boundary conditions for the battery pack? That’s the only way I can think of to model this problem, so wondering if that’s valid



Valid approach but maybe there is an easier way!

You can use the FEA module for thermal analysis - have a look at this project: - Also look at the documentation of the project if you scroll down.

Feel free to add your feedback here @power_users!




@mylesdjones - depending on the complexity of all the components, one might be able to simulate everything together in a CHT run. Do you have the model somewhere uploaded to SimScale?




Thank you! I was wondering if it was valid as I don’t necessarily know the outlet pressure (I assume there would be a pressure drop). I will also have a good look at that project and see if I can apply it to my scenario - thanks for that as well!


I think it might be too complex for a single CHT. I think (emphasis on think - I am in no way experienced!) a single CHT would fail due to the flow going through the battery pack. I’ve got a model, I’ve uploaded it and will share that with you. It is a somewhat simplified powertrain inside an Ahmed body.

Project link: