Internal flow meshing


Hey! I started working on a different geometry with similar boundary conditions. attempting to do an incompressible flow first.

I’d like some input on simulation control, how much should my end time be ?
ideally a steeady state in my case would be good enough for 10 seconds of real time (the time for which my condition would persist in real life )

also, how much should my relative tolerance aim should be , i did a sim successfully with a relative convergence of 0.01 and 0.3 as relaxation factors. my absoulte residue target for p, u, k etc were at or less than 1e-5 but my post processor values dont make sense…

should i play around a lot with factors such as gauss limited corrected etc ?


Hi @jeettrivedi and sorry for the delay!

Have you got any results so far or are you still struggling to get your simulation done? Looking forward to hear about your progress!

All the best!



No. i have simulated once but the results were wrong. I recently found an air intake simulation done by milad mafi and amd attempting to replicate it .


I am unnsuccesful with that as well.


@Milad_Mafi Hi. Could you please help me out here .


Hi @jeettrivedi!

Could it be that your project is still set to private? If so please change it so we can have a look at it :slight_smile:




Hi. Yes. I have shared with support. let me know if you can browse it .


Hi @jeettrivedi!

Would be good to share it for others users as well as the @PowerUsers_CFD here.






Hi @jeettrivedi,

Could you give more details on what was wrong and what is to be expected from the results as well as which simulation you are referring to?




Hi @Get_Barried & @jeettrivedi!

Jeet already gave me some more details: “sim in first link. basic run, run 6, run 7. the values converge but expecting a plenum pressure ranging from 98kpa to 70kpa …”




Hi Jousef!

Ah sorry completely overlooked that, will take a look into the project.