Internal flow design failing to generate properly

Despite selecting border faces that surround the openings, it still says I am working in an infinite volume. Can someone help me? SimScale Login

I am trying to create an internal flow design that goes through the project linked below with air entering the wide end and exiting the narrow end. However, when I try to generate it, it gives me the error that there could be multiple flow volumes defined for the seed face I am using. This is interesting because I have done multiple iterations on different variations of the design and have always used the same seed face. Can someone help me to create an internal flow design that fills the entire interior?

Hi @laird_gerdes, thanks for your post on the forum :slight_smile:

Have you had a chance to take a look at my reply at the other forum post you wrote? I think it would be worthwhile solving the issues with the surfaces present in your model before trying to generate a flow region: