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Internal Error when loading Solution Fields in Post Processor


I have a problem with one of my simulations. When I click on solution fields this error appears:

An internal error was encountered while loading the data-set. Please try again in a while, or create a bug report with the tool at the right-bottom corner of the screen.

The results for the volumes are there. Only the visualization is not possible. This only happens with this one geometry. With the other geometries in this project it works. I have already repeated the corresponding simulation. Without success. What can I do?


“mit Stützkragen -Y” und “mit Stützkragen -Z”



Hi @Scala!

Will have a look at your project and get back to you as soon as I have found the issue.

All the best!


Hi @Scala!

You have to be careful when using umlaute in the names of your simulations. Changing the name fixed the issue and you are able to post-process your results without any error messages. Props to @rszoeke for the hint!

Cheers and all the best!


Ok, it works!

Thank you!