Interior building simulation for natural airflow

Could you please guide me to solve the error message I am being getting. The error message is ‘Your analysis does not contain a sufficient set of constrains and would likely fail. Please review your simulation setup before starting the analysis and make sure your model is sufficiently constrained by boundary conditions.’

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Can you please share with us the URL to your project, so we can review the setup and provide suggestions?

Thank you so much for helping me with this.

Residential | SimScale Workbench

Please let me know if you are not able to view it.

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Hey there!

I reviewed your model, and you need to perform some cleanup, specially for the intersecting parts. You can perform this using the CAD editing tool and the Interference features, please try and let me know your feedback.

About the boundary conditions, I can see you have a surface heat flux entering heat, but no way for the heat to be dissipated. This means that the theoretical solution is an infinite temperature. You should add some convective heat transfer dissipation to the outer walls to dissipate the energy.

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