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Interior Airflow question (Beginer!)

Hi - I am trying to run an airflow simulation in an interior architecture. I am having trouble getting started because the faces are not separating in a way that seems useable. The .stl file is a single entity and the .stp has so many faces I don’t think it would be possible to properly designate boundary conditions.

The stp project is here:

The stl project is here:

Ideally I would like to setup the Geometry so I can simulate the hot air originating from the furnace, traveling through the ducts, and dispersing throughout the rooms.

Thanks in advance!


You would first have to have a geometry with fewer faces in the stp file and no sheet bodies…

In your CAD software, there must be a way of merging all coplanar faces of the objects and then join as many of those minimized faces into as few watertight solids as possible…

Sheet bodies (ie non-watertight objects) only sew together, into solid bodies, in SimScale if you are lucky…

Start with those recommendations and we will go from there… You will have a good file in SimScale when there will be 0 sheet bodies in it…

Agreeing with Dale here. Also feel free to work with both files in one project, that’s absolutely possible.

For the STL file, you can try the splitting operation on the workbench which might give you the splitting you want to have. Also make sure that your geometry is watertight, there should not be any open windows, doors or anything like that.