Intelligent frequency stepping in harmonic analysis

I am using harmonic analysis and the frequency steps are selected either by choosing a lower limit upper limit and step size or by filling in a table. When investigating resonant systems, we typically want a smaller frequency step near resonance, but when resonance is high, this would take all day if filling in the table.

Could you not include a maximum x step (displacement), which is surpassed, the software goes back and adds more frequency steps?

Thanks for your comments @roy_g!

Tagging my colleague @rszoeke who might add his two cents here.



Hi @roy_g,
that’s definitely a good idea! There are multiple methods how the frequency stepping for Harmonic Analysis can be optimized, yours is one, others are usually based on the Eigenfrequencies, so the stepping as refined around the Eigenfrequencies and coarsened away from them, as the response peaks also happen near the Eigenfrequencies.


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