Insufficient memory allocation and simulation failed

I am trying to run a static structural compression simulation.
I got this error message and the simulation failed.

I increased the memory percentage from 20% to 40% but it did not work for me.
How I can overcome this issue, can anyone suggest me a way?

honeycomb core_uniaxial compression | SimScale Workbench

Hi, did you make any changes in numerics?

Also, the high memory consumption is create by your physical contact and the remote displacement. I think that you can get rid of the later.

Yes, under numerics I only changed the Memory percentage for pivoting from 20% to 40%.
In the next run I will remove the remote displacement, but should I keep the physical contact?

Yes I think, as that is crucial for the model.


From my force vs time graph, it seems the curve is generated with a few data points.
Is there any way to generate this curve having more data points?
honeycomb core_uniaxial compression - 2 | SimScale Workbench


You can reduce the ‘Maximum time step’ under ‘Simulation control’ to have more points in the output.