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Input file for topology optimization software Tosca possible?


I am new to SimScale and I would like to know if it is possible to export an input file for the topology optimization software Tosca?
Tosca accepts .dat, .inp, .cdb, .sun, .nas, .ans, .uci, .bdf, .unv files as input.
I have the possibility to use this Software at my University and would like to experiment with it in combination with SimScale.

Edit: sorry for the question, I have just found out that Tosca needs to run a solver (for example Abaqus).
Do you plan to add topology optimization features to SimScale in the future?

Kind regards,

Hi Tom (@hl68fx),

Welcome! Glad to have you joining the SimScale Community, and thanks for your question. @afischer probably can provide more information here.

Hey @hl68fx,

You can simply download results on SimScale. You can download meshes in the Mesh Creator by simply clicking on the specific mesh and click the download button. It is not possible yet to export in different formats, so the meshed created by the tetrahedral operations are downloaded as MED-files, while hexahedral meshes are served in the folder structure and format provided the OpenFOAM. The MED files can easily be converted from MED to UNV files using e.g. the Salome CAD environment. It is open source and works on both Linux and Windows.

Do you need a mesh for your setup or do you actually need the static result field to start the topology optimization based on that?

Best Alex

Hi @afischer and @AnnaFless !

I am also a new user of SimScale but been in the CAE busieness for some years. I wonder if you are going to add Topology Optimization as a feature in SimScale? It would be nice to be able to optimize structures not only calculate stress and strains.


Hello @jkrantz,

we want to build SimScale as the platform for CAE. And certainly topology optimization is meanwhile key to many applications and needs to be covered!
On our mid-term roadmap we are right now focusing a bit more on Pre-Processing and Post-Processing capabilities as all applications will highly benefit from those improvements, but we have it definitely in mind. You can also vote for features in the forum. We take user input very serious!

Best Alex

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