Inlet Velocity Geometry Problem


I am simulating a data centre with several servers.

When I select the floor plates for the inlet velocity, I cant select the flow region below each place so I can’t define it.

I had no problems doing it for the first iteration.

link to that project: SimScale

for some reason it isn’t working on this version of the set up:

link to project:SimScale

Please could someone help! :slight_smile:


The project seems to be private, however by inspecting the images that you attached, it’s likely that you have a gap between the external boundary of the flow region and the faces that you are trying to select as inlets.

Make sure to inspect the geometry around that region - you should be able to find the gaps.




I still can’t seem to get it to work, I’ve made the project open.

I see no difference in how I prepared the geometry, but for some reason the problem persists.

Link: SimScale

Hi STawcasious12,
Sorry, not an expert in heat, but when I look at the model geometry for the first flow field geometry it has been transformed to have…

External Flow Regional CFD = > 8805 faces, 1456 volumes, etc

Whereas the other test models, TEST 1 etc have not been transformed as they have a reference to only 1456 volumes…s

So it tell me there is some missing transformation step either in your import or within the SImscale CAD environment.

Just a guess, maybe its clue…to remembering what you did in the first simulation, or maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree as they say in Australia :slight_smile: