Injection Molding Simulation

-I wanted to perform the injection molding simulation of the part ,its compressible type polymer flow of thermoplastic material.

  • I wanted to check the injection pressure required ti fill part , weld line positions, air trap, Sink marks ,Warpage of the part


Since phase change is currently not possible in SimScale, I believe that you won’t be able to get the information that you are looking for at the moment.

From the open roadmap page you can suggest that such feature is added.

That’s great! Performing injection molding simulations is an excellent way to analyze and optimize the manufacturing process for your part. By simulating the compressible flow of thermoplastic material, you can gain valuable insights into various aspects such as injection pressure, weld line positions, air trap occurrences, sink marks, and part warpage. This will help you identify potential issues and make informed decisions to improve the overall quality and performance of the final product. Good luck with your simulation!