Inflate boundary layer

Why when I apply a boundary layer in my project, it is applied on solid material, not on fluid?

this is my project
Width-8mm. height-10mm | SimScale Workbench

Hey there!

The link doesn’t seem to work for me, is it a public project?

Width-8mm. height-10mm | SimScale

can you please check now

Hi, and thanks, I was able to see the mesh.

As you are using the Hex mesher, it can not take into account the physics of the problem (materials, boundary conditions, etc.)

In order to have the physics taken into account, you must use the Standard mesher. This algorithm creates a hex core and tetrahedrals near the surfaces to optimally capture edges and geometry details.

I suggest you to use the Standard mesher, which should also increase the quality of the mesh on the boundaries and surfaces.

I understand, thank you very much.
because of hex mesh, am I having this problem as well? below in pictures…

you can find the job in mesh quality section.

as you see, when I applied hex mesh, there is a problem on boundary layer. how can I fix it? is it because of the hex mesh? if I choose the standard mesh, can I get rid of it?

Hi again!

Yes, with the hex mes it is more difficult to get a proper mesh. You need to add surface refinements to porperly capture the interfaces.

Using the standard mesh will give better results.