Incorrect patch definition for cyclic/periodic boundaries


I am currently working on a small project so simulate the rotation of propellers underwater to calculate the thrust generated. I used gholami’s project titled Ship Transient propeller flow. Followed all the steps to the point but I am getting the error mentioned in the title. If anyone could be kind enough to check this error out and help me understand its source, it would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to my project - SimScale



Hi Victor (@Targaryen)!

Have you already had a look at the documentation page giving you some tips on how to overcome this?

Link: Incorrect patch definition for cyclic/periodic boundaries

Let me know if that helped you! Cheers and happy weekend!


Hi @jousefm,

I did check out that page. However both the openfoam page links are dead so I dont know how to patch them.

Hi @Targaryen!

Thanks for letting us know - did not know they were down. There you go:

  1. Cyclic Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI)

  2. Cyclic

All the best!