Inconsistent post-process result


I am starting on simscale and after having followed the various tutorials I decided to launch into the CFD simulation by modeling a simple part of 30 m ^ 3 with an air inlet from windows and an air outlet from below and door outline.
I want the renewal of the area to be 30 m ^ 3 / h so 0.00416 m ^ 3 / s,
I have therefore configured my boundary conditions correctly.

Once the mesh is done I started the simulation and when I bring up the simulation results I notice an anomaly: the velocity magnitude is higher in an area where there is no entry and exit of the air. moreover at the level of the air inlet of the window there is no change in velocity magnitude.

So I want to understand why this acceleration is present here and why there is none at the window level.

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi there, thank you for using the forum!

This behavior is indeed not expected, especially because the model is symmetrical, so I checked the Convergence plot, and it seems that towards the ends there is divergence.

My thought is that this case would be a good fit for the Convective Heat Transfer analysis instead of the incompressible flow, with a Natural convection outlet condition for the door, so I set a case here:

Let’s see how this goes :smiley:

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Hi again, the run is still going on, but the results seem to make more sense now, have a look :

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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