Inconsistent boundary condition error

I have run simulation twice but getting error messages with the above message being the most recent one. What can i do?
“This Inconsistent boundary condition types. Possibly the empty boundary conditions were not correctly assigned for a 2D mesh. Please check the boundary conditions.”

@sbasiima, this is the same issue as before but recognised at a different stage.

It stems from these two things:

  1. Bounding box 4 - is assigned two boundary conditions it should be ‘wall slip’ not ‘symmetry’
  2. All bounding box faces are assigned to drone, they shouldn’t be.

Also, the mesh you are using is mesh 1, mesh 2 is a lot better.

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How do I un assign all bounding box faces to drone? How do I also switch to mesh 2? because i have already assigned bounding box 4 to wall slip.

Hi @sbasiima!

You unassign faces by clicking on the “wastebin” symbol or separately clicking on the x removing the faces you do not need as depicted in the picture below (example is from another project).


Domain Change

The mesh can be changed by changing the domain in the project tree on the left side.

Does that cover your question?