Incompressible Pulsatile Flow

New User…Have managed to get a fluid flow reactor geometry which gives me nearly acceptable results, using constant incompressible flow rate.

However, actual implementation will utilize a constant displacement vane pump with VERY large flow amplitude swings (possible negative excursions). Can I model pulsatile flow in SIMSCALE, or is that computationally too expensive?

Image shows particle trace at constant flow condition: bulk-flow residence time in reactor would be ~ 25 cycles of pulsatile flow, with flow rate varying from 0 (+/- delta) to integrated pulsse volume ~ 0.02*Reactor Volume.

Any thoughts / insights greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Joe Parse

Hi, and thanks for using the forum!

If I understand the application correctly, what you want is a transient (incompressible simulation), in order to model the pulsations with a time-dependent inlet boundary condition.

As you point out, this is an expensive approach, in terms of computational time and machine size. Also take into account the mesh size and the precision of the results that you need.