Incompressible internal or external flow

I’m trying to run water flow through the drum with small holes, and i keep getting error “A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a single-region mesh.”
how can i solve this?

Thank you for your time

Hi i’m trying to learn how to setup multiphase flow water fall , but the tutorial based on the previous user interface and it confused me, anyone has experienced with working with multiphase flow water fall using new user inferace? can you help me out?

thank you

Hi @jeremygs12450f

I made a mesh clip and I believe that this mesh is not what you desire for this simulation?? If its a YES, then I have already told you how to tackle this situation. If you need element inside the cylinder then you have to work upon your double layered geometry. You need to improve the mesh quality around the holes by giving a suitable level of surface refinement.

You can take a look at this project for better clarity in working with mutiphase problems-