Incompressible flow mesh - Interference Drag



How much difference would the ‘inflate boundary layer’ option make to the results of a model that’s in an incompressible flow field with a high value of interference drag.



Hi @M_sim!

“Profiles of streamwise mean velocity component in the juncture follow the Law of the Wall over a significant region near the plate and body surfaces and gradients in static pressure are very small within the juncture region.”

Having that in mind I would still use an inflate boundary layer with wall functions. What could be done as well is to fully resolve the viscous sublayer (y+ = 1) and compare both approaches. What do you think here @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves? Have you had experience with interference drag in the past?

Source: NASA Contractor Report 3811 -Interference Drag in a Simulated Wing-Fuselage Juncture




Totally agree, Jousef :+1:

As a suggestion, to know when it is convenient or not to solve the viscous sublayer and other issues about turbulence, this book is a great friend.