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Include more details in "Simulation run finished" mail

Hi Guys,

It would be great if the mail i receive after a simulation has finished includes some more details.

Why has the simulation finished? Thats my main question. So i can decide if i need to take actions to get i back up an running or can i go fetch the results. Without needing to log in and check.

Or maybe even how long did it take to compute? Or perhaps even a convergence plot.

Kind Regards!

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Yep, did it fail or not? Also, the name of the analysis/simulation in case we’re running several at a time.

Also, would it be possible to turn on “Send email after meshing” for those times where you start a large mesh and walk away… New simulations cannot even be built until the mesh is ready, so waiting for the mesh to finish is quite a bottleneck.

Great addition Jim!:+1:

I also think that the email reporting system could be improved. Currently there is no email notification for a failed simulation (which would be good to know) but there is an email notification for a user cancelled simulation (which is of no value).

@fastwayjim, @STR, @BenLewis,

great input - let me summarize to make sure the feature request is well understood. Enhancements to email notifications:

  1. Allow to turn on/off emails for mesh and simulation jobs separately

  2. Extend the content of the “job finished” email with:
    ** a) Status of the job: Error, Cancelled, Success
    ** b) Runtime of the job
    ** c) Convergence plot

  3. and 2) in general have been feature requests for quite some time - so this thread increases their priority! 2.a) also makes a lot of sense to me and has bugged me since quite some time as well. Personally I would not be that interested in seeing 2.b) in the email but as it’s just one number, I think it would not “blow up” the email content too much such that this should be fine as well. I think with 2.c) it starts getting trickier - sometimes you might not have convergence plots (static analyses) or other criteria (integral values over the domain etc.) might be more relevant in judging on the simulation outcome. So that might be trickier, what do you think?

Ya, 1, 2A, 2B please!!! Also, the Project/Simulation/Run names.

Hi Dheiny,

That sums it up for the most part. You only missed Jim’s suggestion.
-Include Project & Simulation run name

About 2b i find it useful because its a way to tell how much this simulation has cost me in terms of resources. Or perhaps multiply it by the cores and its exactly that. “Resources Spend” like an invoice

Far more interesting to know than the date and time the simulation has finished. That is stating the obvious because the time that that mail arrives present me with that information.

2016-08-24, 06:50:10

Thanks for the replies!

Hi David (@dheiny),

For me, the most important feature is point 2b (job status info) along with the name of the simulation and run.

Regards, Ben

Got it. Feature request adapted and +3 in priority. I’ll get back to you once we’ve got a release date for that one!

  • Project name
  • Simulation/Mesh name
  • Job name
  • Final Job status (Finish / Error / Cancelled)
  • Runtime
  • Start time
  • End time




I was just thinking about this, this morning when I saw that my sim had finished early hours of morning, I didn’t have time to check them before I went out. so more info (all of the above) would be very useful to me.

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch

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