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Improving Wing Mesh


Does anyone have any tips for how I can further improve my mesh of this wing design?

It’s very fine at the leading and trailing edges of the wing, but it’s still screwing up the geometry a little bit. Also I have 2 holes in it for no apparent reason. Anything I can be doing differently?



Hi @ymlopes

I will take a look at your project and will come back with a suitable solution as soon as possible.




Have you deleted the previous mesh??



Hey, yeah sorry I had an idea to try something else, but I made a copy of where I was originally:

Thanks for the help!


Hi @ymlopes

saw your mesh and the possible reason for the two holes can be a rendering issue but I am not 100% sure so i would call @jousefm, @retsam and @Get_Barried to add more points(if any). Also, one of them is a hole while the other one is a face of an element lying randomly in the domain.

To remove the bad elements from the trailing edge, you can give a separate refinement of 8-9 on that surface and can keep the refinement of 7-8 for the rest of the wing surface.



Ok, yeah that’s pretty much what I was trying with the first one. I re-did it and it still managed to get a hole (this time in a totally different location). I think I’m decently happy with the trailing edge at this point, if I could just manage to get rid of the holes and the floating element that would be great.