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Improving Mesh Quality of Car


Project details : Bachelor Thesis - involves CFD and wind tunnel validation.
Issue/Problem: Mesh of car/vehicle isn’t acceptable, how can I improve it? Please advise methods!

Simscale Project details:

Geometry used : Carla Baseline New
Meshes tried: Carla baseline Fine, Carla Baseline Fine New, Hex-Carla Baseline Fine

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @hmattoo and thanks for the detailed description of your project!

It seems that you are missing the tyres as well as an underbody. I would add those to avoid unnecessary circulation beneath your car - is this on purpose and if yes, why? For the meshing I would like to show you one template to see what the general procedure would look like: Aerodynamic Analysis

And have a look at this workshop tutorial from my colleague @drodriguez32: CFD - Ride Height Analysis. If you have any problems meshing your car then, please reach out to us once again - either one of the PowerUsers or I will jump in to help you out!

Cheers and all the best!


Hi @jousefm

Thank you for your quick response. I do have the under-tray and tires on the car, if you could please see mesh-Hex Carla Baseline Fine or Geometry - Carla Baseline.

Once again THANKYOU! I will go through these references now and revert back if any questions arise.

H. Mattoo

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