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Improvements to mesh refinement


I am currently making a mesh and was severely slowed by the refinement process, with region refinement being my major issue. Here are the things I wanted to do:

  • Use a geometry region to define a region refinement, don’t want a new mesh zone just a complex region refinement. I imagine this working by ‘demoting’ geometry to some kind of ‘primitive’ or ‘refinement region’ so in the model tree there would be solids, regions (and I suppose eventually surfaces and edges).
  • Failing that I wanted to put cylinders on each blade, the first one was easy as it was cartesian, the second and third involved trigonometry, easy maths but an unnecessary inconvenience. A copy and rotate around option would be useful (but obsolete if I were able to do my first point was possible)
  • Being able to define a rotating zone from a primitive (Cylinder) really don’t see a logical reason why this can’t work (maybe I’m missing something).

Here are the cases in which I had trouble with:

The last one we can see both the scenario that I wanted to rotate around the centre axis (easily done in CAD and solved by the first request) and the cylinder I wanted to use for MRF.

Many thanks,