Improvement tips



I just started experimenting and using SimScale, my first impression is how easy and user friendly it is, thank you very much development team.

As any other software, there is area for improvement, I will mention few that I noticed so far:

  1. Rotation of object around the axis normal to the display is not easy and sometimes frustrating.
  2. In the Mesh creator > Mesh Operation > Type, the displayed picture of the 4 available types (Tet-dominant, etc…) should wait for 1 second to display, because it is annoying just by passing over these selection the pictures will show.

I will keep notifying you about any improvements and suggestions.

Thank you again


Hi @Auday, the first point I think relates nicely to this feature in the voting section: Improve 3D navigation
Feel free to add to it :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I agree with you Darren, I hope this will be solved soon.