Imprinting geometry due to partial problem

Hi, I am currently doing a project on simulating the heat transfer of a solar pv with the usage of emboss fin shaped attached to it. When i was about to do the conjugate heat transfer analysis, the software said that partial geometry detected and i need to do some imprinting to the geometry. Can i ask whether which imprint is correct based on the 3 figures.
Link to my project:


please use the imprint function, after the generation of the internal flow volume, as you need both geometries to do an imprint.

You can learn what imprinting does to your geometry here:

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I want to ask if conjugate heat transfer i need to create a flow volume right

Yes, you need a flow region, representing the fluid volume. for any kind of simulation, where you want to analyze a fluid/gas.

The setup for the flow region will not change in that regards.

In regards to the general setup you can have a look at this tutorial and use it as guidance for your simulation.

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noted with thanks sir