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Importing Ansys Mesh to Simscale

I have a mesh file prepared with ansys mesher. Due to cores constraint in Ansys i am using Simscale. Please help.

Hi @SiddheshPatil,

To translate an ansys mesh to SimScale you will need to have OpenFOAM first. Then you will need to save your ansys mesh as .msh in ASCII format. After that, simply run fluent3DMeshToFoam and pack the whole completed mesh as a zip file before uploading to SimScale.




I have this 2 cases in Simscale:

I have made the meshes in Ansys (.msh) and converted them in OpenFOAM using the function fluent3dMeshToFoam. However, when I upload the meshes (folder constant) in Simscale, there are different zones and I don’t know how to simulate that (how to select the boundary conditions). I haven’t used the function fluentMeshToFoam because that created an error (due to internal faces maybe).

What can I do?


Hi @sl_pez

Sorry for the late reply. The mesh is tasking a lot of time to open on my system. Do you have any screenshots or picture of the mesh so that I can quickly see what the issue is?? Also, in the mean time I am tagging my friends @cfd_squad so they can look at this issue.


I have done this however only using fluentMeshToFoam not the other one, I would recommend, finding the cause of the error, correcting it then use the mesh utility that I did.


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