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Import Separate Solids into SimScale

Hi there,

I’ve created a simple CAD model that consist of two separate solids (saved as a STEP file). However, when I load it in Simscale it is seen as a single solid. Therefore my question; is there a simple trick/procedure to make sure that the separate solids remain separate after uploading it in Simscale? For example, do I need to make sure there exist a small gap between the two solids? Or should I load them separately (and how do I make sure they are positioned correctly afterwards)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jvarkevisser and sorry for the delay in my response.

Could you send me the model? If you have done it with Onshape then you can simply share the link from there or send me your CAD to and I will have a look at that.

A workaround would be to work with a so called “fictitious clearance (FC)” that removes the geometric information of the distance and that FC value will be taken into account.

Another option is to try it with other file formats like (STL, IGES etc.) - please not that STL might not be very “mesher friendly” sometimes but it is worth a try. Tagging @Get_Barried & @Anware here, maybe they have some additional tips for you I missed.



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Hi @jvarkevisser

Did you import from the Part Studio or from an Assembly?

I’ve found, by trial and error, that the ‘best way’ (well, it works for me, YMMV!) for multi-part models is to assemble the separate parts in an OnShape Assembly then import the assembly - that should mesh as a separate volume for each part. Then you can add the relationships between them in Simscale as various forms of contact.


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Thanks, this really helped me!