Import geometry of the Onshape

I need select a file name in onshape for import for simscale structural analysis. I not find tool for search file name in import frame, view at the image attached:

It have a lot file names in list!

How could i make?

Hi, thanks for your message.

The pop-up window to import models from Onshape is a simple browser window - it allows you to search for a specific name with the control + f shortcut.

If the geometries are not showing on the list, make sure to scroll down/expand the list of CAD models that are visible. In case you are looking for a more elaborate search function, feel free to post a suggestion in our public roadmap page!


Hi, Thanks for your response!

But the list document names not loading all registres, therefore control + f shortcut not is work good!

I think that should will have a finding tool in that popup, for search any file name in all list name.

I submited this suggetion in roadmap page!


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