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So I am quite new to SimScale and wanted to work on an IGES assembly. The problem is that it shows that my model is out of bounds, however, my model is only 0.2m on each side [you can see that at the bottom of the CAD assembly]. Does anyone know how to resolve this error?

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Hi Gagan, this is Fillia, welcome to the forum :smiley:

Could you include the link to the project, please?

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It’s likely that the original model was too far away from the origin in your CAD model. Notice that the error message says that the geometry lies outside of a box with 50 km in size in each direction from the origin, and not that the model is larger than a cube with 100 km of edge length.

In any case, I tried uploading your geometry to Onshape and then using the plugin to bring it to SimScale - this works nicely (project):

PS: I’d recommend that you try to smoothen out the surface profiles, instead of using these tiny faces:

They will likely cause issues with meshing, since the topology is unnecessarily complex.


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Hey Richard
Thanks for your solution, I am now able to use the simulation properly :smile: Regarding the smoothening part, do you have any recommendations on doing it? I have basically created this model from a BRep and have been trying to smoothen the surface to join the edges in Rhino [ that’s where I initially made the design ], but I was unsuccessful. Do you know any methods to do it in SimScale itself?

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