Import CAD model as 1 solid, with surface for apply the pressure (see drone )


I saw in the course “drone design workshop” in exercise 2 where you perform structural analysis, that in the upper element to shape the contact surface of the bolts there is a region inside the surface without creating 2 solids. There is no difference in height, is in the same plan.
How do I create a surface inside a face to apply a load or increase size mesh, as in the example? In the file used in onshape, I can’t understand what tool to use in CAD because the entire part is imported.
I use autodesk inventor for modeling: I tried with surfaces for resolve this issue, but during the mesh phase ignores the surface.

Can you help me?
Thanks simscale team


Hi @ErmoB, I remember doing that workshop and I know what you mean. Is there a face-splitting tool in Autodesk? All that has happened is they have split the large face to allow for more accurate refinement.

Let me know how it goes,


Hi @ErmoB & @1318980!

I think @ahmedhussain18 created a GIF long time ago on how to split models in Onshape. You can use the search function of the forum to find it. If you cannot find it I will post the link later on.

Edit (Useful links):




Here is the splitting operation; Partition Parts



thank you to everyone for the indications, they were helpful. With inventor I found the tool, if it can serve someone:
3D Model tab -> Modify panel -> Split to split a part into multiple bodies
In the feature dialog box, click Split Face