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Imperfection at Mesh for CFD Blended wing body

I am student of Aerospace Engineering, and I am working on a CFD analysis of a Blended wing body, the following model:

When I realised the mesh for my CAD model, I created:

-Two region refinement with two cartesian boxes:
First region refinement:

Second region refinement.

-A local element size on the airplane surfaces(named “Body airplane”) with maximum edge lenght of 1.93e-3, since my y+ is equal to 300.

-An inflate boundary layer:

-And the parametres of mesh are:

So, here I go with my issue:

As you can see the trailing edge is too imperfect, and the leading edge has a suitable mesh. I try change some parameters on regions refinement, but not change enough.
Can you help about how I can improve my mesh?

Hi there, can you also add the link to the project please?

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Thank you for sharing! I have a few comments regarding your case:

  1. Have you scaled the dimensions of the model? The length of the body is around 0.1 m, was it intended?

  2. Some of the refinements have really high inputs compared to the characteristics of the model. Having a restriction of a cell’s maximum edge length at 0.7 m when the length of the model is 0.1 m, means that the refinement will have no impact.

  3. The same goes for the manual sizing that you entered on the main mesh tab. The maximum edge size is 0.1 m (the same as the length of the model. Realistically this does not add restriction, the cells wouldn’t be that big anyway.

I fixed some settings and created this mesh:

Of course there is still room for improvement :slight_smile:

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