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Impeller in thick liquid

I like to check the strength of impeller and it’s winds in thick liquid
During the rotation.

Thanks for help

Hi @daniel11 - do you have a particular geometry you’d like to run this simulation on?

This example might serve as a starting point for you:


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Hi @daniel11, ‘strength of the impeller’ you mean its mechanical strength? as well as forces produced by its induced flow?

If so splitting the impellors face into smaller faces and getting average pressure values for each face, and then using them as boundary conditions in an FEA might be a good method. I’m exploring this at the moment. As for strength of its winds, from my interpretation, a CFD analysis with rotating zone will give you both the average pressures and the forces produced by the rotating impeller.

Let me know your thoughts,



I asked the question.
I like to check the mechanical strength of the wings, thickness , weldings.
I know all dimensions, propellor material, rpm, density of material in the vessel.
Thank for help

Hi @daniel11,

Check my project out:

Basically, I’ve split the faces up and then I’ll run an FEA on the wing. I did a CFD to find average pressures on each face, then use these pressures to do an FEA. I think you could do this for your impellor. obviously the more faces you split it into the more accurate the model but the more time consuming it’ll be to set up.

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