Illegal face

Hi, i’m trying to mesh geometries of other users until my team make a CAD of our car.

I have a problem with this car (i think it’s a problem of the CAD).

Anyway i want to know why simscale created little triangles around the geometry. Are these the illegal triangles reported in the message of mesh’s errors?


Why Simscale created this triangles? Is possible to fix this problem? Are they a real problem for simulation?

This is the link of my project:

Thank you for read!

Hi @EExoduss!

The mesh looks very good and the log says that there are 0 illegal faces. Although there are illegal triangles I would ignore the message and continue with the simulation.



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Ok…can i continue the simulation even if there is a red x on the mesh?


Thanks you for the fast answer!

Hi @EExoduss,

let me check that. This indicates an erroneous mesh but I thought this one was already done. Getting back to you as soon as possible.



Hi @EExoduss!

Shared the finished mesh with you right now. Please proceed with the simulations using this one. Feel free to ask if there are any further questions from your side.