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IGES Assembly issues

Hi everyone

I used CATIA to export my assembly using stp but unfortunately I have a student lisence and hence could only export using igs extention and for some reason simscale does not detect my part as one single object rather multiple smaller parts.
Now when I try simulating these multiple objects and always end up getting errors or simulation runs getting cancelled.

I would really appreciate any sort of help. I’m not sure how to share the project here as it asks me to add an email to share.
However my project name is ‘Diff_3Channel_Throat’

I need to run a wind tunnel simulation with velocity inlet as 10m/s.
My results should have pressure and velocity stream.

Hi @hmattoo!

First of all the share option is easy to use. You can either type in the mail address or the username to share the project.

If you want you can use Onshape and export it from there or directly use the import function from SimScale. If you are able to export the file as STL that would be awesome. This format can only be used for fluid mechanics analysis since only certain meshing algorithms on SimScale support it.

Let me know how things go!


Thank you very much!
It was useful information.