Identifying defective mesh and resolving it

Hi everyone,
While I was working on a problem to do wind load analysis for a solar panel assembly I came across the error which says
“The solution diverged, please check your simulation setup. Divergence can also be caused by bad elements in the mesh. Such elements tend to exist near walls and sharp corners. Visually inspect your mesh to locate them and re-mesh with additional refinements in their vicinity. If you are confident about the mesh-quality, please reduce relaxation factors and use more conservative numerical schemes.”

For this I want to pi-point the defective mesh region and then apply local element size or inflate boundary layer method to resolve this method. Pls help in doing so!

Here’s the link to my project:- SimScale Login

Hey shubhj21,

Thanks for posting on the forum.

Your overall mesh maybe a little too fine than required. Try decreasing the fineness of the overall mesh, and use a max. edge length refinement for such small parts of your panel to make it even more fine closer to the panels.

Let us know how it works out for you or if you have more questions.


I am unable to localise or select the area to make the mesh more finer. I am able to change the meshing of overall structure but not like as you suggested making it finer closer to the panel. Is there any special tool or steps in simscale to do so?

Hi @shubhj21,

I’ve decided to go back to your CAD model to see if any improvements could be made and I noticed some things that will make it difficult for simulation. Here are some examples:

You should make your CAD model as simple as possible for simulation. That way, the mesh will fit nicely into it and you won’t need as many computational resources as well! Try and clean it up using a CAD tool such as OnShape then come back here and we can discuss the boundary layer issue :slight_smile: What do you think?


Ya ! I’ll clean the CAD as soon as possible and will get back to you!