I want support in conducting pedestrian wind comfort assessment

I want support in conducting pedestrian wind comfort assessment for a small city using incompressible flow. I need assistance in setting boundary conditions. My results when setting no-slip boundary condition show contrasting conditions compared to the surrounding in the open areas with no elements (in places outside of the city environment). What could be the explanation for this?

Hi @ysewasew,

Thanks for posting here! Could you please share the project link? It would be much appreciated.


@goncalves let me know if you need more details regarding the simulation.

Hello @ysewasew , mesh is way too coarse near these regions and seems like these jumps are just numerical artifacts.

Please try applying a fixed surface refinement to at least on the ground and see how it goes. In case necessary, you may want to increase the global fineness until you reach an optimum mesh configuration considering the accuracy vs computational demand.

I would also recommend you to extend your inlet, side and outlet boundaries further. The current settings may look ok for a PWC simulation type, but I would recommend extended external flow box dimensions when using Incompressible. You could possibly perform a sweep study on these dimensions either.

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Hello @kaany, thank you! I will try as you suggested.

Hello @kaany , I was trying multiple meshing but i couldn’t reach optimum mesh configuration. Would you kindly show me how i can achieve this and get the right meshing level on the ground?
The following is the link for my project that i am currently working.

Thank you.