I am trying to understand the API for my dissertation

I am trying to understand the API as I am using it to automate the CFD on simple aerofoils, and then create a functions vs goal graph.

However, I am struggling to understand the API without any physical examples. I find it easier to compare the code to a physical simulation so I can see what each line does.

Are there any example scripts where I can see both the code and simulation?

Also, I have seen SimmetrixMeshingFluid when creating the mesh operation. Is this the standard mesh or something specific to the incomp example?

Thankyou any help with this or the automation of CFD is welcome.



One suggestion: look into the get_simulation_sdk_code and get_mesh_operation_sdk_code methods. E.g. see the last few lines of this example.

And that’s correct, that is the standard meshing tool.