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Hydrostatic Pressure FEA

Is posible make a hydrostatic pressure boundary?

I usually define functions in codeaster

Hi @camilomati!

You could use the formula

\text{Pressure = density * gravit. acceleration * height/depth}


P = \rho * g * \Delta h

This can either be done via table upload or by using a formula like you did. An (inconvenient) workaround would be to split the faces in the vertical direction and apply a formula for each “layer” of the splits with increasing \Delta h going in -y direction.

Hope that helps a bit!


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Yes, but i wanna new boundary condition for hydrostatical pressure like comercial software :slight_smile: :sob:
look my new project
have great weekend jousef

Hi @camilomati!

I do not know if Code_Aster provides a dedicated BC for hydrostatical pressure. The only thing I could find related to that was this document:

@rszoeke, do you know more here?



Hi @camilomati,
as far as I know there is no special hydrostatic pressure load available in code-aster,
but wouldn’t the benefit be marginal as you can easily set a formula for it?