Hydro power turbine

I really appreciate the help i have had so far but am putting out a last call for some help with my project before i find some different software. i cannot get the results for TSR i need. As this is a drag based turbine the TSR shouldn’t be over 1 and it is. Furthermore the turbine comes out way to efficient to the extent where its not even possible. Attached is one the my simulations. As you can see on my dashboard i have tried a lot of things so am starting to think SimScale might not be able to do this. if anyone could edit my project or spend some time with me i would be immensely grateful. Thanks


Hello fsinclair
it seems like your project is private.
Can you please make it public so that we can have a look at it?

Best regards Sebastian

Ah sorry @SBlock have made it public now thank you

Hello fsinclar.
I’m not quite sure about the right approach but from my experience usually, pumps are being tested not free-standing but rather in a closed wind tunnel. Maybe you can share the research paper of the pump you are testing to ensure that the setup is correct.

@SBlock what i am attempting to do is design a hydroelectric turbine whereby i alter the number of blades and angle of attack. to start with i was trying to find the optimal tip speed ratio

@SBlock the tunel is to replicate the river

Hi fsinclair,
I didn’t have much success trying to get a visualisation on the streamlines around the turbine.
So I then looked at the MRF rotating zone and I noticed that there is a turbine rotational input of +6 rad/s (~57 rpm) rotating as per the red arrow and also an Inlet velocity (stream/river) of -3 m/s as per the blue arrows.

I’m not an expert in this sort of turbine stuff and @sblock will know better than me on the correct setup, but I’d be suggesting that if you are trying to measure the turbine rotational moment resulting from the stream/river velocity I think that there should be no rotational input (ie set 0 rad/s) and keep the stream/velocity inlet the same as you have and then look at the simulation rotational results as per the Result forces/moment simulation outputs.

Well, that’s my suggestion, but as I say I’m a novice. I do like the turbine design with the upward inlet curve of the housing/case interesting.

So I’ll be interested to see how you go with the simulation and if @sblock has some suggestions.

Kind regards