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Hydraulic hammer (rock breaker) boom analysis

I am trying to analyze the fatigue effect in a boom arm for a rock breaker equipment. The only data I know is that the hammer produce 580 Joules of energy in each impact (I have read that there are some loss of energy in heat in the hydraulic fluid and other mechanical components) and it does 1500 beats per minute. I am having trouble determining the load so I can apply it to a static analysis and do a modal/transient anlysis (I believe a harmonic anlysis is a no go since the load is not sinusoidal).

I am in the proces of modeling the CAD so I can’t upload a project right now but would like some feedback so I don’t get stuck later. Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me.

Rock breaker arm

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Hi @JoseCaballero!

I am tagging the @power_users here who might give you some useful tips on your nice project.



Hope these links helps :wink:


Awsome, I will check it out and will try to upload the project and update my progress. Thank you!

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