What is the project goal
The project goal is to simulate the three basic modes of heat transfers occurring on a radiator: Conduction through the tube walls, Convention due to water flowing in the tubes and the second convection caused by the air flowing through the radiator.

-Simulation type
Because of the heat transfer between the solid of the radiator, and the fluid flowing inside, the chosen simulation type is the Conjugate Heat Transfer.

-Project details
The fluid that is flowing through the radiator is water. It enters the radiator at 40 degrees celsius at a flow rate of 2.8 kg/s. The air flowing outside the radiator is at an ambient temperature of 19.28 degrees celsius, moving at 0.5 m/s.

-Encountered problems
First, the project takes a large amount of time, more than the allowable 30 000s runtime limit which results in the simulation not finishing. I tried reducing the mesh fineness but that only leads to the simulation meshing the two parts as one, which then cannot run the simulation.

Secondly, looking at the results simulated by the partial run, the results show that the radiator does not gradient change in temperature as we would expect in a real-life situation, meaning the effects of the flowing air are not working.

Please help me with simulating the radiator to its three basic modes of heat tranfer

Tagging the @cfd_squad here, will have a look at that later on :slight_smile: