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How to visualise Y+ on a surface


To ensure the wall modeling Y+ recommendation is met, we can visualize the first cell Y+ value on a surface. To do this you will need to ensure that converged results run with the Y+ result control added, are downloaded to your local machine and ParaView is installed.

These are the steps to visualize the Y+ on a surface.

  1. Open ParaView

  2. Open the downloaded case by opening the case.foam file

  3. Before applying the settings to import in ParaView, deselect the Internal Mesh in Mesh Regions and select the surfaces of interest (the faces to visualize Y+ on)

Figure 1: Changing the imported blocks

  1. Apply the import settings

  2. Change the visualization to Yplus (point data)

Figure 2: Changing the visualized scalar

Figure 3: The final visualization