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How to turn off internalMesh and boundingBox faces in new post processor?

I can do this in the old but how to new post processor please?

I just want to see a yPlus surface mapping on my geometry but I can only find a way to do that by viewing trough translucent boundingBox faces and likely the internal mesh will interfere too:

Hey again Dale!

In the new post-processor it is not possible to perform such a task. We are working keen to include old post-processor features into the new one. It is good that you mention it though :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for the feedback (in form of a question) again! :wink:


Darn, I REALLY like the new post processor but rarely use it, and therefore rarely evaluate it, because it does not have Save State, yet. Once that is there, lookout, I am sure I will have much more feedback :smile: